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PAPAYA! Art is a women's bohemian hippie chic lifestyle brand that features accessible and easy to use beautiful products. Each lifestyle product features an original design by artist and co-founder, Anahata Katkin along with her design team. The lifestyle line features large accessory pouches to be used as clutch purses or large makeup bags, small accessory pouches to be used as small clutches or small makeup bags, and oversized luxe tote bags to be used for travel or as a "briefcase" for work. Coin purses and wallets are used to keep all those loose ends organized in style for easy find and easy use. Each travel piece is designed inside and out with beautiful contrasting patterns and colors found on the inner linings of the bags. Women's boho fashion accessory bags are created using durable oil cloth that cleans up quickly, nicely and has a long lasting look of brand new. The spiral notebooks and sketch & scribble books all feature an original artwork on the outer covers for inspirational use. The writer will also finds small sketches in the pages for continued inspiration and beauty at their fingertips. PAPAYA! Art is a family owned and operated business made up of a team of inspired artists with a creative imagery all their own. Based on the philosophy of creative abandon, the design team creates things with no apologies and solely chases their artistic impulses to make products they love. Using a wide and unique range of mixed media design elements, PAPAYA! creates a signature aesthetic that has been recognized all over the globe since 2003.